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Greg’s Resume

My name is Greg Reid. I help other marketing pros and small business owners generate engaging, persuasive content that attracts attention and builds awareness of brands.

Greg Reid 3
Your Scribbler in Chief

I’m a writing geek. It just kills me to see poorly written content. I started in 2011 with two goals in mind:

      1. Bring more engaging, informative and, yes, entertaining content to B2B communications.
    1. To work with other people who love to do great work and have fun doing it.

Who hires a writer like me?

Someone who doesn’t have the interest in giving — or the time to give — their content marketing the attention it deserves.

Enter the freelancer.

You’d find me simpatico if you’re looking for any of the following features in your writer’s portfolio:

  • More than 20 years of experience as a content marketer, marketing copywriter, newspaper editor, feature writer and sportswriter.
  • Formal training in the principles of inbound marketing, digital content strategy and persuasive copywriting that converts — and years of practical experience applying it.
  • A knack for generating rich content that people find engaging and easy to read.
  • Serious experience in the employee engagement, healthcare, education, SaaS and manufacturing industries.
  • A healthy sense of humor and a taste for colorful language.
  • And a low tolerance for bullshit.

Poke around my portfolio for a bit. If something catches your eye, I’d love to talk.



B2B Content Marketing

App Websites

Websites are a window into your world. You have something like 4 seconds to grab your visitors and convince them you can help them — or not. Attract and intrigue them. Make them want to know more.

Inbound Content / White papers / Guides

Education is a big part of the sales cycle. Your customers need to know the PROBLEM your product or service SOLVES and the BENEFITS of working with you. Here are a few lead magnets developed to help clients build their authority in their industries and grow their email lists.

Blogging & Ghostwriting

Blogging helps your audience better understand solutions to common problems they face, position you as an expert in your field and build awareness of your brand. I’m equally comfortable writing under my own name, your name, or no name at all.

Video Scripts

Few mediums match audio and video script writing as a test of a writer’s skill in tempo, tone, brevity, and urgency.

Journalism/Feature Writing

Everyone loves a story. Sometimes you sell products with stories. Sometimes you sell ideas. And sometimes, you just sell a story itself.  You can decide which of these pieces does what.