You need content with verve. Punch. Juice. Zip.

Content that’s fun to read. Worth reading.

And, mercifully, easy on the bullshit.

We should talk.

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Certified in Content, Email, and Inbound Marketing best practices


Certified Content Marketer, completed advanced training and presented portfolio for rigorous review

MFA, George Mason

Studied storytelling with masters of short- and long-form fiction and creative nonfiction

Content is your first, best chance

… to make an impression on your audience. The words you choose and the message you convey are the difference between success and failure. Either they pull your audience in, or they shove it away.

Often to your competition.

People who visit your site — or read your email copy or watch your video — are looking for something.

They want two answers right away:

Do you have what I need?

Should I do business with you?

That’s where your professional writer comes in.

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You want a writer with three gets.

First, the writer gets you: What you’re looking for in writing services, how you like to work, and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Second, the writer gets your business. Of course, they won’t know your business like you do. You’re the expert. But the writer knows how to get up to speed quickly and isn’t afraid to ask questions.

Third, the writer gets it. They are savvy enough to understand your situation, your audience, and your needs. They are a partner-for-hire. They are someone you can trust with this valuable work. They’re here to help you succeed.

About Me

This is the part where I try to convince you that I’m a serious, badass content marketer and copywriter. That I’ve advised presidents, dined with royals, was a star quarterback in college, and I gave the world the word, “bougie.”

No such luck.

Truth is, I’m a matchmaker. I help people find other people. Make that the right other people.

Greg Reid, your Scribbler-in-Chief

I match sellers with buyers, buyers with sellers; people who need information with those who have it; performers with audiences, helpers with people who need their help.

And I do it with written words. Words that engage, inform, persuade, entertain, and, in the right situation, maybe even inspire.

For as long as I can remember and for reasons I’ll not bore you with, I’ve been driven to find just the right words. As a sportswriter or newspaper copy editor, as a youth sports coach and at-home parent, as an in-house marketing writer, and as a content marketer and copywriter, I’ve learned to find them.

Take a look at my portfolio. You won’t find photos of me standing with royals or presidents. But you will see some pretty good work.

Find something you like? Get in touch.


You want a writer who plays well with others. Samples in red were created as a subcontractor to Precision Marketing Group.

Apps & Websites

Websites are a window into your world. Your content must grab your audience’s attention and convince them you can help them. Attract and intrigue them. Make them want to know more.


Mosaic Mobile Platform App

Puritan Medical Products: A history

Puritan corporate timeline

White Papers / Lead Magnets

Education is a big part of the sales cycle. People need to know the PROBLEM you SOLVE and the BENEFITS of working with you.

eBook: Moving Beyond Performance Management is Broken




Blogging Madly

My God no. Posts on writing, marketing, books, comics, mixed in with the occasional slice o’ life.

News + Feature Writing

Everyone loves a story. Sometimes you sell products with stories. Sometimes you sell ideas. And sometimes, you just sell a story itself.  You can decide which of these pieces does what.

On healthcare IT

On travel/recreation: Mountain biking

On travel/recreation: Exploring islands

On sports: High school, college, pros

Candidate profile: The Incumbent

Candidate profile: The Independent

Candidate profile: The Mediator

Ghostwriting & Thought Leadership

Blogging helps your audience. Reading helps them understand solutions, position you as an expert in your field, and build awareness of your brand.

On employee engagement

On identity theft

On B2B writing

Scribbling Madly

Video Scripts

Script writing is an art. Few mediums match audio and video as a test of a writer’s skill in tempo, tone, brevity, and urgency.

American Pest Control: “Got Mice?”

Arrow Pest Control — Residential