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Who Gets That

These Days, People

Want a Conversation.

Not a Pitch.

In these uncertain times, effective business communication has never been more important. It’s critical for your business to get the right messages to employees, partners and customers.

Your top priority, of course, is the health and well-being of your loved ones, your neighbors and your team.

Once those concerns have stabilized, you still have a business to run. Experts can’t tell us when, but we can be certain that the pandemic will end.

The questions are, 1) What can you do now to pivot and reimagine how you do business and reach people you need to reach? and 2) What can you do now to position your company to ramp back up once that time comes?

At the moment, questions seem only to lead to more questions. You wear many hats. But do many of them require you to have answers, not questions?

Then maybe we should talk. I’m offering a free 20-minute call to marketing pros and small business owners about steps you can take now to get your business ready for what’s next.

My name is Greg Reid. I’m a longtime B2B writer and certified content marketer with nearly a decade of experience in writing about professional development, employee engagement, recruitment and retention, and the study of workplace culture. 

Your Scribbler-in-Chief

I’ve written hundreds of articles and blog posts as well as more than a dozen ebooks on how SaaS platforms help businesses establish and maintain a healthy, productive workforce focused on doing their best — every day. 

I certainly don’t have all the answers. But if we talk things out, maybe we can get you on the right path toward some of them.

Why You Should Work With Me

When it comes to partnering with a freelance content marketing consultant, you don’t want to hire just anybody.

Here are four key assets to look for in your partner:

Roots in Journalism

You want content that speaks to readers with well-sourced facts and data in lean, engaging, and meaningful prose designed to inform.

Storytelling Capabilities

Human beings are wired for stories. We respond emotionally to them. And buying and changing your opinion are emotion-based transactions that we justify with data and facts. 

You need a writer who can get to the heart of the matter, taking the audience step-by-step from start to finish, leaving them with one simple conclusion — your offer is their best choice.

Professional Certification

Choose a writer whose training exhibits an in-depth understanding of communication best practices. Someone who approaches every project through proven frameworks such as those offered through Copyblogger Media certification coursework.

The Ability to Speak Human

Business is hard enough without having to parse meaning, read between lines, or learn secret handshakes, right?

Giving people content that’s direct, logical, succinct — and that answers their questions — is a great place to start.

What All This Means to You

Are you getting ready to launch, expand or refresh your long-form resources?

Are you kicking off a campaign to build your authority and improve brand recognition? 

Be sure to work with a writer who delivers content that keeps visitors on your site. Someone who elevates your brand in the marketplace, and leaves potential clients believing you’re the obvious choice to help them solve their problem. 

Maybe you can use my help. Click here to set up a free 20-minute consulting call.

Content and Copywriting Services

Here are some of the services I provide. Need something that you don’t see? Let’s talk.


Blogs + Articles

Web Copy


Lead Magnets

Email Sequences

Content and Copywriting Portfolio

Nothing builds authority like well-planned, well-researched, conversational content. 

Here are examples of my work in the HR tech industry through Precision Marketing Group:

eBook: Diversity + Inclusion: What it is, Why it Matters + How to Make it a Priority

eBook: Moving Beyond Performance Management Is Broken

Website Content: hubEngage.com

Website Content: Mosaic Member Engagement App

About Greg Reid

I’ve been scribbling madly since the first time I picked up a pencil — to create comic books, write adventure stories, and, yes, on occasion, to forge a reason-for-missing-school note or two. 

Writing has always been my way of comprehending and communicating with the world around me — sometimes with an intensity and drive that others might not understand. But always with a focus and clarity that readers couldn’t help but appreciate. 

In 2011, I left my job as a newspaper copy editor, and I started  on a journey that has led me here — as an expert in creating long-form content for human resources and professional development platforms.

For nearly a decade, I’ve written engaging, insightful content for trade associations, not-for-profit educational organizations, clients of digital marketing agencies, and leading companies in the human-relations consultancy space. 

Though dozens of blog posts, ebooks, and website content projects, I’ve helped clients craft messaging that builds the authority and inspires the confidence that lifts their voice above the noise, leading to positions of leadership and developing sales.

And that’s how Scribbling Madly was created.

content strategy and copywriting
It’s Dempsey’s world. We just live in it.

When I’m not scribbling madly, I like to get out and about with my family and our brindle Boxer, Dempsey, here in our adopted hometown of Portland, Maine.

Ironically, I’m not a winter sports or a seafood guy. Give me a (well-written) book, a hot cup of coffee, and a view of the water, and I’m perfectly happy. Until I get bored and pull out a notebook and start scribbling again. Hey, we all have our thing.

I’m also a recovering youth soccer and lacrosse coach. Those 12 years taught me more about people, effective communication, and time management than any b-school ever could.

What Clients Are Saying

“Greg is a reliable, strong writer who is enjoyable to work with and committed to client success. He has a great personality and is flexible, responsive to feedback and dedicated to learning the latest trends in content marketing and SEO and how it can benefit our clients. We love having Greg as part of our PMG team!”

Maureen Condon O’Grady, principal, Precision Marketing Group

“Greg has been a wonderful extension to our Quantum Workplace team in the work we’ve done with him through Precision Marketing Group. He has a passion for his craft, and he brings a well-researched and thoughtful approach to every piece he’s written for us. 

“He is very responsive to feedback, asking clarifying questions to make sure he understands and can come back with an even better product. Outsourcing content is always a challenge for us, but Greg makes the process easy and seamless.”

Kristin Ryba, content strategist, Quantum Workplace