B2B content that’s

engaging and persuasive.

By a writer who’s

reliable and low maintenance.

(What’s not to love?)

Marketing Pros in HR Technology Have it Tough

Effective content is hard to write. Sure, you could find time for it.

Between 10 pm and 5 am, maybe?

Let’s get real. You don’t have time.

What you really need is a writer who has the time and energy to make your content a priority.

Greg Reid MFA, Scribbler in Chief

Someone who clearly, concisely, and convincingly answers your audience’s one big question: How can you solve my problem?

That’s where I come in.

I’m Greg Reid, and I specialize in writing marketing content and sales copy that build the authority, trust, and emotional connections you need to convert prospects into clients.

I’ve been writing about employee engagement, recruitment and retention, professional development, and workplace culture since 2013.

I understand where to find the right sources, ask the right questions, and to frame discussions with context and relevance. 

Why You Should Work With Me

When it comes to partnering with a freelance content marketing consultant, you don’t want to hire just anybody.

Here are four key assets to look for in your partner:

Roots in Journalism

You want content that speaks to readers with well-sourced facts and data in lean, engaging, and meaningful prose designed to inform.

Storytelling Capabilties

Human beings are wired for stories. We respond emotionally to them. And buying and changing your opinion are emotion-based transactions that we justify with data and facts. 

You need a writer who can get to the heart of the matter, taking the audience step-by-step from start to finish, leaving them with one simple conclusion — your offer is their best choice.

Professional Certification

Choose a writer whose training exhibits an in-depth understanding of communication best practices. Someone who approaches every project through proven frameworks such as those offered through Copyblogger Media certification coursework.

The Ability to Speak Human

Business is hard enough without having to parse meaning, read between lines, or learn secret handshakes, right?

Giving people content that’s direct, logical, and succinct is a great place to start.

Content and Copywriting Services

Here are some of the services I provide. Need something that you don’t see? Let’s talk.


Blogs + Articles

Web Copy


Lead Magnets

Email Sequences


Nothing builds authority like well-planned, well-researched, conversational content. 

Here are examples of my work in the HR tech industry through Precision Marketing Group:

eBook: Diversity + Inclusion: What it is, Why it Matters + How to Make it a Priority

eBook: Moving Beyond Performance Management Is Broken

Website Content:

Website Content: Mosaic Member Engagement App

About Greg Reid

I’m the guy my friends and coworkers approach with questions about grammar and writing. (Is it “it’s” or “its”? “their” or “they’re?”)

Rewire their kitchen? Not so much. But with writing, I’m their guy.

Truth is, writing well is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. Working in sportswriting, public relations, copy editing, feature writing, content marketing, and copywriting have all put food on the table.

And studying fiction writing, creative nonfiction, and screenwriting have added a lot to what I write and how I write it. 

The thread running through it all is a desire to connect people with ideas and each other. Call it strong people skills, knowing how to read a room, or (if you want to get fancy) a high empathy quotient.

That thread helps me string together the right message with the right people in ways that persuade and move them to action. 

What’s In It For You

You get to hand off the time- and labor-intensive inbound content, lead gen, and copywriting projects to a professional who is not screwing around.

By now you’ve seen a few samples. My clients benefit from both my long writing background and digital marketing-specific training.

Coursework since early 2017 include:

o Content Marketer certificate from Copyblogger Media

o HubSpot certificates in Content, Email and Inbound Marketing

o Writing Whitepapers course though Ed Gandia / B2B Launcher

o CopyHackers Copy School coursework (40+ hours of content on launches, sales and landing pages, email campaigns, and Facebook ads)

Sprinkle in a few dozen webinars, books, and a thousand or so hours listening to podcasts, and you get the picture. 

Let’s  Talk

Think I can help? Click here to set up a free 20-minute consulting call.

What Clients Are Saying

“Greg is a reliable, strong writer who is enjoyable to work with and committed to client success. He has a great personality and is flexible, responsive to feedback and dedicated to learning the latest trends in content marketing and SEO and how it can benefit our clients. We love having Greg as part of our PMG team!”

Maureen Condon O’Grady, principal, Precision Marketing Group

“Greg has been a wonderful extension to our Quantum Workplace team in the work we’ve done with him through Precision Marketing Group. He has a passion for his craft, and he brings a well-researched and thoughtful approach to every piece he’s written for us. 

“He is very responsive to feedback, asking clarifying questions to make sure he understands and can come back with an even better product. Outsourcing content is always a challenge for us, but Greg makes the process easy and seamless.”

Kristin Ryba, content strategist, Quantum Workplace