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Words tell the world who you are and what you offer.

Use the right words and you’ll attract the right people. Use the right words and you’ll earn their trust. And, finally, use the right words and you’ll convert prospects into leads, leads into customers and customers into raving fans.

The question is, how, right? After all, you have a team to lead. Clients to help and investors impress.

Amplify your online presence

People are frustrated. Both by the problem that brought them on line and by trying to figure out who offers the best solution for their situation.

You’re frustrated, too. You’re spending too much time and money chasing down prospects and trying to nurture dead-end leads. You know that inbound marketing is the way to go, but you’re having trouble communicating clearly and steadily enough to make it work.

Good news.

Neither you nor your audience needs to feel that way. You can generate the content and messaging to not only fix their problem, but also to persuade them that you’re the company to do it.

The biggest benefit of hiring a freelancer

When you partner with the right freelance writer, you get much more than someone who knows when to use fewer or less and I or me.

The right freelance writer for your business gives you these distinct benefits:

You hire an attentive business partner committed to your success. Your writing project becomes their project. The big difference? The project becomes their primary focus, not something done at night and on weekends.

You enjoy greater freedom. When you hand off writing projects to a responsible, experienced professional, your load become a lot lighter. You’re free to focus on other, equally important tasks. Closing deals, strategic planning, and making your kid’s game this weekend all come to mind.

Scribbling Madly: A product

of nature and nurture

There are few thing worse than failing to get through to the audience you most want to reach. Live long enough with that feeling and you’ll learn to communicate with people on a whole other level.  

If you’re lucky, that ability grows into a gift for storytelling.

If you’re lucky and work your tail off, you can parlay that gift into a career in storytelling that spans journalism, creative writing, content marketing and copywriting. In that sense, I’m the luckiest person I know.

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