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The web runs on words.
Are you getting yours right?

Finding the just-right words for marketing projects can be frustrating. 

You know what you want said. 

You also know you just don’t have the time, skill, or desire to sit down and work it out.

But you can still generate the content and copy your brand deserves. 

And you don’t need an eighth day of the week to do it.

Bring in the B2B marketing expertise you need

One good reason to work with Scribbling Madly? Here are three.


Smarter roi

Spend your time leading your team and closing more deals.


more confidence

Know that your key project is a top priority of a marketing pro.

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more freedom

Enjoy the ability to pour more energy into higher-level needs.


Reaching the audience isn't a passion. It's an obsession.

When you’re a kid, few things leave you feeling as empty as the failure to get through to someone who needed your help. If only you had said the right thing. … Or said it in the right tone. … But you didn’t.

That emptiness can haunt you. 

It can also drive you to master the art and science behind compelling writing and human behavior. Turns out, that combination forms the foundation for a pretty solid career as a professional writer.

You realize that your sole focus is to find the best ways to get messages through to audiences. 

And you find very few things are as fulfilling as that.

A simple 3-step plan for better digital marketing

Let’s take your messaging where you want it to go.

Step 1


Decide you want to generate high-value content that attracts the right people with compelling persuasive writing.

Step 2


Review samples of my work. They represent some of the tools and content I've created over the last decade.

Step 3


Schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation call. This lets us talk about your goals, timeline, and budget for the project.

What people are saying


The subtle difference between content and copy

When talking about text in digital marketing, people often use the words “content” and “copy” interchangeably. Both forms speak to your ideal customer in a confident voice, a conversational tone, and with a promise that reading it is time well spent.

But there are subtle differences worth knowing.

Content is writing designed to engage and inform, but not necessarily persuade. Think marketing white papers, case studies, eBooks. Stuff you read (or watch or listen to) to learn more about a problem, an issue, or concern. 

The goal is to inform and position a brand as an authority in a field or industry. But not to necessarily drive a sale.  

Copy, meanwhile, also engages and informs but with the goal of driving action. Think websites, landing pages, Facebook ads, and email campaigns. 

By the time you reach the end of a piece of copy, you should be one step closer to buying, ordering a demo, or moving closer to a transaction in some way. 

Most writers focus on content or copywriting. 

Scribbling Madly offers you both. 

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