Why Me

Here’s what really sets me apart

A sportswriter’s eye for detail

I once wrote about sports for Maine’s largest newspaper. I covered everything from Division III women’s basketball to high school sports, and from minor-league hockey, basketball, baseball, and auto-racing to road races and open-water swim races. Sure, covering games and writing features on tight deadlines was fun.

GREG REID, The mad scribbler

But behind every last-minute goal and game-changing 3-pointer, accuracy is the name of the game. In fact, few experiences outside of law school teach you to give readers well-sourced, accurate content written in lean, engaging and persuasive writing. Sportswriting teaches you to inform and to entertain. Hell hath no fury like the parent of an athlete whose contribution to a win is overlooked in the next day’s paper.

Stories in my blood — and my credit history

I grew up in an Irish-American household south of Boston. We learned life’s lessons through stories, riddles, jokes and the retelling of family legends so outlandish they were probably true. That experience colors how you see the world and it takes you to unusual places. In my early thirties I went back to school to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction writing. Unless you’re obsessed with words and stories, who even does that?

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