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My samples illustrate these points. Take a look. Then contact me for a free 30-minute consultation. Let’s see what we can work out.

Apps & Websites

Websites are a window into your world. Your content must grab your visitors’ attention and convince them you can help them — or not. Attract and intrigue them. Make them want to know more.

White Papers / Lead Magnets

Education is a big part of the sales cycle. Your customers need to know the PROBLEM your product or service SOLVES and the BENEFITS of working with you.

Here are a few lead magnets developed to help clients build their authority in their industries and grow their email lists.

Blogging & Thought Leadership

Blogging helps your audience better understand solutions to common problems they face, position you as an expert in your field and build awareness of your brand. I’m equally comfortable writing under my own name, your name, or no name at all.

Few mediums match audio and video script writing as a test of a writer’s skill in tempo, tone, brevity, and urgency.

Video Scripts

Copy goes here. Copy goes here. Copy goes here. Copy goes here. Copy goes here. Copy goes here. Copy goes here. Copy goes here.

News + Feature Writing

Everyone loves a story. Sometimes you sell products with stories. Sometimes you sell ideas. And sometimes, you just sell a story itself.  You can decide which of these pieces does what.

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