Scribbling Madly Portfolio

Take a look at some of the inbound marketing tools created for SaaS companies, manufacturers, and growth marketers. Some pieces were created with agencies.

Authority-building white papers and eBooks

Topics driven by audience needs. Rock-solid research. Compelling narrative voice. 

here's what's next

New tools are made even better when they enable sound policy

building culture

What HR pros should look for in one rapidly changing industry

managing change

Thought leaders share best steps to ensure an inclusive workplace

Planning, execution, or both

Want help planning your marketing strategy? Or do you simply need a kickass copywriter to set it all in motion? Something else? Let’s talk it through. 

Engaging and informative features and web copy

Effective business writing is a window through which readers discover new experiences  

A global audience

A fresh take on creating better content published by the Content Marketing Institute

An Inspiring alum

The Providence College community meets podcast pioneer John Lee Dumas '02.

100 years of growth

A history of a family business in Maine that became a leader in the fight against COVID-19.

Let's talk about your business

See something you like? Questions about how we might do the same for you? Reach out now.

Reportage, storytelling, and ... well ... mice

Software, lacrosse, and 30-second limits that show creativity and the ability to beat a clock 

Health IT news

A trove of reportage for HIMSS news site covering IT issues


Capturing the excitement of competition for a local paper

audio/video scripts

Managing the yuck factor while promoting pest-control services