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You want a higher profile in the marketplace. You need more qualified leads. And those content marketing projects keep piling up.

Yes, content is king. Yes, you need more of it. No, that reality is not changing any time soon.

Clarity, value and detail in one place

According to the State of Content Marketing 2020 by SEMRush, longer content (3,000–7,000 words) gets twice as many pageviews and 24% more shares than articles of average length (900–1200 words).

This longer content takes the form of lead-generating resources like tip sheets and checklists as well as authority-building white papers, webinars and email sequences.

Still, a lot of marketing folk and business leaders hold back. You feel you just don’t have the time or the desire — or maybe the confidence — to sit down and create the valuable, engaging content you know your business needs to survive and to thrive.

You’re not alone. And there’s no reason you should feel held back one minute longer.

Delegate. Celebrate. Repeat.

Writing takes more focus and energy than a lot of people in your position have to give. You have customers to serve. Investors to pitch. Deals to close. If only you could find someone who to help you clarify your messaging and express it.

Someone who can manage a project that’s on target, on time and on budget.

And someone who could help you spend more energy on tasks you enjoy and more time with people you love.

Hire for skill, savvy and drive

Few experiences leave you feeling empty quite like failing to communicate clearly with someone important to you. That emptiness can haunt you. And it can drive you to deepen your understanding of human behavior and develop remarkable writing skills. 

I’ve filled that void by building a career first in journalism and storytelling before shifting to inbound marketing. Gold, Platinum and Diamond-level HubSpot Partner agencies regularly hire me for client projects. We optimize website copy, drive SaaS launches and craft email campaigns. In addition, I hone my skills with certified training from some of the leading professionals in marketing. 

And nothing pleases me more than helping clients get through to their audiences.

Professional Certifications & Trainings

Get started with 3 simple steps

Let’s take your messaging to where you want it to go. Here’s how. 

Step 1 

Decide you want to generate engaging, high-value inbound marketing content that attracts the right people with clear, compelling and persuasive writing.

Step 2

Review samples of my work. If we’re simpatico, you’ll see it. 

Step 3

Schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation call. This allows us to talk about your vision, goals and timeline for the project, including your anticipated budget.