Welcome to ScribblingMadly.com.

My name is Greg Reid. I help people like you generate effective content that tells your story, engages your audience and converts your prospects into customers.

I’ve been informing and entertaining readers for more than 20 years.

I broke into professional storytelling in the fast-paced, detail-driven world of newspaper sportswriting. I covered events from horseshoe tossing to high school soccer and from UConn women’s basketball to the New England Patriots.

I moved on to Washington and marketing, where I learned to craft recruitment campaigns for the U.S. Public Health Service and public education campaigns for the EPA and the departments of Justice and Labor.

At night, I read and wrote my way to a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from George Mason University.

My young family and I then moved to Maine, where I set to chasing after my kids by day and working nights and weekends as a newspaper copy editor and freelance feature writer. 

In 2011, I established Scribbling Madly with two goals in mind:

o To bring simple, clear and effective language to business communications.

o To work with people who, like me, are talented enough to produce seriously effective work without the tiresome douchebaggery of self-importance.

Let’s face it. A few yuks now and then go a long way.

Today, I have clients across the country, and I’m very good at simplifying language and engaging audiences, especially in the SaaS, employee engagement, higher education and healthcare industries.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me exploring Maine. I enjoy recovering from fitness training injuries and following soccer in all its forms.

You’ll almost always find me writing something, reading something and slowly building my Marvel Masterworks collection.