I’m Greg Reid, a content and copywriting expert

Good B2B writing speaks to customers the same way trusted friends speak to each other. 

The words inform, entertain, and persuade. 

They can be causal in tone, lighthearted … even fun in the right circumstances. 

But they’re always — always — light on bullshit and heavy on authenticity. 

And you know this how?

Before building ScribblingMadly into a successful content and copywriting business, I spent years as a journalist. I wrote features, covered sports, and edited others’ work for accuracy and clarity.

I did this work at night, mostly, which let me work around my kids’ schedules when they were young. Note: Treat your children well; someday, they’ll be choosing your nursing home.  

After about a decade, I started picking up marketing projects again. That’s when I realized everything right about journalism transferred well into content marketing and copywriting: accuracy, clarity, sourcing, interviewing, understanding the audience’s needs, that sort of thing. 

 Soon enough, I made the jump and never looked back.

I’m something of a training nut. Online certification programs give me a digital marketing framework on which to hang all I’ve carried over from journalism and wisdom I pick up just about every day.   

Has this approach paid off? The proof is in my clients’ projects. You’ll find it in their resource libraries, on their websites, and across their email campaigns.

That’s the beauty of working with words. The more you write, the better you get.

But who are you, really?

I’m a Mainer by choice, living in Portland with my wife, two college-aged kids, and our boxer. 

I spend my days writing content, listening to podcasts, writing web copy, boring my kids with 80’s-era trivia, writing email copy, shouting where-the-hell-is-the dog’s-collar, and editing content, web copy, and email copy written earlier.

I’ll never pass on reading long literary novels or Marvel Comics from the Bronze Age. 

I love training with weights, recovering from weight-training injuries, hiking the Maine coast, and writing fiction. 

What else?

The site name Scribbling Madly comes from my childhood dream of writing and illustrating comic books. Just another pudgy nerd with a bad haircut, Clark Kent glasses, and pencil in hand. You could find me anywhere I could lay my paper pad, writing out stories, drawing covers, splash pages, and panels.

Swap that drawing pad for a laptop, and I figure that I didn’t miss that dream by much.

I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction writing, and as an undergrad, one summer I was an intern at the New England Patriots’ training camp. 

That last bit turns New Englanders’ heads. But once they learn that was long before Tom Brady came along, people lose interest.

Weird, right?

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