About 2

So what’s with ScribblingMadly, anyway? It’s a nod to my start as a professional writer, writer, covering sports while still in college. After practice or a game, you’d see gaggles of grown men and women, heads bowed, scribbling madly into note pads. They were recording whatever cliche it was that a coach or player was saying. 

Everyone then retreated to the pressbox, dropped their stacks of scribbles on the table in front of them and got to work. Pounding their computer keyboards mercilessly, the reporters transformed their chicken scratch into succinct and colorful sentences that created a conversation that anyone older than 12 could understand. There was something magical about it.

So by scribbling madly, I’m carrying on that tradition of conversation with my audience. I try to generate writing so easy and enjoyable to read that you don’t even realize that they’re reading business content. I adhere to your brand’s tone and your house style. Those set useful guard rails.

But think about it. The goal of B2B writing is to inform, entertain, and, when appropriate, persuade. The most direct path to each of those objectives is through a conversation.

I’m a nerd at heart, and I have the bookshelves to prove it. 

You’ll find piles of books on marketing, advertising and persuasion mixed in with novels by Richard Ford, John Irving, Homer, Graham Greene, Ann Pachett, Elizabeth Strout and Dickens. I’m a fan of Marvel Comics from the 1970s, and I am embarrassingly fond of my Boxer, Dempsey. 

Dempsey keeps an eye on things.

When I’m not writing or reading, you can find me nursing an injury from working out, catching up on soccer news, hiking the coastline or reminding my kids how lucky they were to be raised in the cool little city of Portland, Maine. 

Why not take a look at my samples page? If you like what you see, please get in touch. I’m always on the lookout for cool people with interesting projects coming up.