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Strategic B2B Writing Services

Content builds authority.

Copy builds audiences.

Let’s build both.

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Make Your Marketing Projects a Priority

Does anyone in your position ever get to focus on marketing projects as much as you’d like? Do you get that drop in your gut just after you click SEND? You know it’s good. But is it as good as it could be? 

The truth is, you have a lot on your plate. So much of running a business or a marketing operation involves time away from the keyboard… or at least away from generating the content and copy that every business needs to truly thrive.

What if you could hand off some of those marketing projects? 

A Partner You Can Trust …

If only you could find a freelance writer with the strategic savvy and kickass chops to step in and create the content and copy your business needs and deserves.

Then you could focus more fully on your higher-stake responsibilities — strategic planning, leading your team, rainmaking. And earning the rewards that come with a job well done. 

GREG REID — Scribbler -in-Chief

… To Do the Job Right

Of course, this isn’t your first rodeo. Maybe you brought on a junior-level writer who writes pretty good copy but isn’t so great at content. Maybe you hired a “content generation service.” Or maybe you’ve hired a full-service agency with all the bells and whistles.

And in each instance, you’ve been disappointed. Your junior writer ghosted you after a month. The service charged a lot for not a lot of quality work. And the agency didn’t give your projects the love you were paying them to give them.  

Cheeky Name, Serious Results

Here’s where ScribblingMadly is different. I’m a one-person operation, and I operate as such. By that I mean I’m not all things to all people. Rather, I have a specific set of writing skills honed over a relatively broad range of experiences. 

We’ll both know fairly early on whether we’re a good fit. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to run a business called Scribbling Madly. And not everyone is going to consider hiring a business called Scribbling Madly. 

Writing that Gets the Job Done

You need someone with both a data-driven, strategic, and tactical approach to business communication and the skill to write content and copy that does the job. 

Consulting is an eat-what-you-grow business model. If you don’t generate great work, you don’t help generate value. No value, no projects, no eat. 

Free 20-Minute Call

Naturally, you have questions. And you don’t need to spend your time talking to someone who is going to tell you what you want to hear, right?

How does a free 20-minute consultation sound? This talk gives us a chance to meet and discuss just how you might meet your need for writing services.

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